Uncorking Potential with Hilton

The Food & Beverage team for Hilton Europe, Middle East and Africa wanted to use wine to better enhance their guests’ dining experience.

This would involve training staff in around 250 hotels across 70 countries, and communicating the volume of product in an accessible way for multi-national and varied levels of experienced staff.

Collaborating with 63 Creative we created an extensive suite of informative, fun videos with Helen McGinn, a much-loved TV wine expert and author. Supported by over 30 individual videos the training package was easily accessible to all staff overcoming the usual logistical issues of training in such a large organisation.

Sip back and relax

The videos are designed to demystify the world of wine, put the viewer at ease and talk about the world of wine in a casual, unpretentious way. Helen and Anthony’s knowledge and passion about all things food and beverage help Hilton’s staff to enjoy the experience whilst picking up fun facts along the way.


Helen’s knowledge and enthusiasm pours out on camera so in addition to the information required by Hilton for their training resources, we also produced a series of shorter videos uncorking some of the myths that exist within the world of wine. 

Project Details

Client: Hilton

Services provided:

Food and wine matching

Helen McGinn sits down with Hilton’s Anthony Worrall and talks us through the art of matching the right wine with the right food, and exactly why this can be important.

How to taste wine

Ever wondered how to taste wine properly? Hellen McGinn explains how it is done and what sensations to look out for.

When is a wine corked?

Ever thought a wine maybe corked but was afraid to send it back? How does why become corked?  Is it still even a thing?  Helen McGinn has your back and explains all.

Can cheap mean cheerful?

Cheaper wine means poor quality wine right? Not always… Find out how to select the best lower price wines.

Indigo were a pleasure to work with, a highly professional and creative team. Filming with them was efficient but also (more importantly!) great fun.

Blooper reel

Another glass? Wine not? Hilton take their food and drink very seriously, but there’s always time for a little fun. Check out the blooper reel! 

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